About Life Lists

I'm Dave.

A few years ago, I was an analyst. My wife and I were in our mid-twenties and restless. We'd gotten engaged in Thailand years before and she suggested we move there. The idea would be to teach English, travel, and I'd have the time to learn to program and build apps, something I'd wanted to do for years.


We moved to Thailand a few months later. It was an amazing year. We both taught English and traveled when we could. I learned to program and built an app. The first version was embarrassing, but it was a start. Each version I released was better than the last, so I at least felt like I was making progress.

A year passed and neither of us was ready to move home. A friend had been saying that Southern Spain was nice. The app had only been out a few months and Southern Spain looked beautiful and cheap, so that's where we went.


It turns out, it takes a lot of work to build simple apps that work really well. Designing, coding, debugging... never mind marketing, so that people know it exists! Then comes the important part, getting user feedback.

User feedback drove my focus. People were beginning to really love the app but were vocal about letting me know where it needed to improve. So, Monday to Friday, I worked 14-16 hour days. Weekends were for exploring Spain. I couldn't complain.

Best of all, when I released updates, people were sending in positive feedback. My app was making people more productive. That was cool. To this day, the emails saying that it's enabling people to organize their life and get stuff done, those are the coolest.

New England

We returned home in 2017. After releasing another big Do.List update, I turned my attention to pulling out a favorite feature, Life Lists. I'd originally created them in Do.List to help people shorten their main Today list. They turned out to be an incredible new way to get organized.

Life Lists are based on the idea that there are actually many types of lists and which one to use depends on what you're listing. If you're listing groceries, you probably want a checklist and you probably don't need hearts to favorite things. If you're listing TV Shows people having recommended, hearts could help you favorite the shows you're more interested in. 

I truly believe this app is really powerful. It's more than just a list maker. It's a tool to tackle lists. Your life is filled with things and I believe that whether you write them down in the right place, in the right way, is a predictor of success.

If you decide to try one of my apps, I hope it empowers you.