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Do.List, An iOS App

The Original Hit

Do.List was my first app. The new approach came after trying dozens of other apps over several years. I built the first version, started using it, and kept improving it until it was everything I’d been looking for. It turns out, it’s what a lot of people were looking for. Thousands of people now use it on a daily basis.

A Huge Step Forward in Prioritization

If you believe that there are more tasks to do then there is time to do them, this app is for you. Prioritization is an essential part of being a productive person and Do.List helps with that.

This app forces you to think about tasks as three lists: Today, Tomorrow, and Later. That design helps thousands of people, everyday, focus on what’s important.

Behind the Design

Prioritization was the main design motivation but a few other core ideas informed each decision.

Keep lists short. Long lists are overwhelming, so they get ignored. Do.List helps you keep a short Today list.

Keep it positive. This app never tells you “You have 10 tasks to do today!” Who needs that?

A list for everything. Life Lists are great for organization. Make a “Books to Read” list or a “Hardware Store” shopping list.