Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy applies to all apps owned by David Getman, operated under the DG Apps, Inc. name. This policy therefore applies to Do.List, This Week, and Lift Lists as well as any subsequent apps released. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, all apps operated under the DG Apps, Inc. will be referred to as “my apps”.

The Short Version

If upon setting up your phone or adjusting your phone’s settings, you already opted into sharing data with Apple, then that means Apple shares anonymous data with me. It includes absolutely no personal data. No names, physical addresses, email addresses, device IDs, or other similar info is provided to me by Apple. The anonymous data provided describes general metrics such as number of users, number of crashes, and other non-user-specific metrics.

Another source of anonymized data comes from users who have Facebook accounts linked to their phone. Some of my apps do have a Facebook framework integrated. The data supplied from that source includes more specific data, but still no names, physical addresses, email addresses, device IDs, or other PII (personally identifiable data). Example data includes viewing metrics like total users and retention rate averages, viewable by Do.List version or device type.

If you email me feedback or sign up for email updates, that is likely the most personal information I’ll ever have! The data I do collect and review is largely used to measure whether new features or design changes result in more or less usage of the app. No information is ever collected to sell.

I hope this helps you understand what is collected and what it’s used for.



The Long Version

By using any of “my apps”:

1.  You agree that you are aged 13 or older. If you are under 18, you must review this privacy policy with a parent or guardian.  

2.  You consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. This includes the collection, processing, and sharing of personal information for the purposes set forth herein. If you do not agree to any of these terms, please delete the app and cease use of all of .

3.  You acknowledge that mobile devices, the internet, and data storage devices are not 100% secure. Therefore, the security of aggregated data collected by “my apps” List cannot be completely guaranteed.

4.  You acknowledge that none of “my apps” are password protected application, therefore the data input into the application will not be protected by password protection security.

5.  You consent to providing additional information in the event that you choose to buy any of “my apps”. Such information may be collected during the transaction, for the purposes of carrying out the transaction. 

6.  You consent to the collection of data about your device. “My apps” collect information on the model, version, timezone, etc. This is used to help measure performance as it relates to devices.

7.  You consent to “my apps” List keeping a record of communication sent to “my apps”. Should you choose to send feedback of any data, that correspondence will be kept on record.

8.  You consent to “my apps” use of data collected through services on your phone, for marketing purposes and for supporting research on the continued improvement of the my apps” and services.

9.  Any data collected may be included in any future sale, merger, or other change in control of the application.


If you are not satisfied with the Privacy Policy, you should not use “my apps”.