Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use applies to all apps owned by David Getman, operated under the DG Apps, Inc. name. The following therefore applies to Do.List, This Week, and Lift Lists as well as any subsequent apps released. For the purposes of this Terms of Use, all apps operated under the DG Apps, Inc. will be referred to as “my apps”.

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Questions about the Terms of Service can be sent to dave@yourdolist.com

Full Terms of Use

By using any of “my apps”:

By using this application, you agree to the terms covered here. You also agree to settle any conflicts via arbitration.

 A copy of one of “my apps” is provided as a service and DG Apps, Inc has no obligation to continue maintaining or improve the app.

All designs and methods are the property of DG Apps, Inc.

Users of this app should be aware that digital storage is not a completely secure or reliable storage method. Any information stored in this app is vulnerable to loss or theft.

Certain services within my apps” are provided as part of a paid, monthly service. To cancel service, please go to Settings on your iPhone. Upon cancellation of a subscription may result in reduced abilities.

“My apps” are intended to be used to help with daily life tasks. If the app is used for criminal purposes or any other destruction or malicious end, we reserve the right to cancel your service.


If you are not satisfied with the above terms, you should not use any of “my apps”.